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Since 2017, this proudly Canadian, B-Corp has worked with leading North American impact organizations to build a platform that understands and respects the complicated workflows of, impact organizations, like charities and nonprofits.


jiiWA is relentless in their commitment to a solution that increases efficiency, saves time and money, and prioritizes people as the greatest indicators of impact.   



The work of lifelong friends, Kristina Flynn & Steve Surya, jiiWA was built in response to the inefficiencies Kristina noticed throughout her 11+ years of professional experience with impact organizations. It was clear that innovation had forgotten the sector, and simple technological advancements could make a big difference.

Driven by a desire to do something bigger than themselves, they looked to Steve’s Indonesian roots for inspiration and found “jiwa” (“soul”). This word guides their work, their relationship, and their company culture. It’s the foundation of everything they do.  

About: About Us

jiiWA is on a mission to empower the world's impact organizations through data and simple technology.

Impact Organizations better understand their programs and people through data.


Funders have proof their donations are delivering the intended impact. 

People are given a voice in bettering the systems that serve them. 


That’s jiiWA.

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