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Listen to the people that matter most. 

jiiWA uses stakeholder engagement to simplify data collection and management for impact organizations like yours. Learn more about your programs and the people you serve, through data.

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Collecting Data 

Surveying Participants 

Creating Spreadsheets, Surveys & Forms

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Hiring Data Experts 

Reallocating Staff Time 

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Managing Spreadsheets

Analyzing Insights

Creating Reports

Working in Multiple Systems

Enter jiiWA.

Cloud software that uses online stakeholder engagement to easily collect, manage and analyze your participant data. 

We meet you where you are to simplify your administrative tasks and create efficiencies in your day-to-day operations. With jiiWA you can collect the data your funders want and learn more about the people you serve.

Your funders are asking for more data.
Without the proper infrastructure, this means:

How it works


Import existing data and get rid of the paper, spreadsheets, forms, and survey tools. All your data, in one, online system. Accessible anywhere, by your staff.


Easily develop and distribute online applications, registrations, surveys and more, directly to your beneficiaries via email or SMS. Track program elements like attendance, interventions, notes and more, on the go.


Aggregate your metrics automatically, and in real-time. With exportable dashboards and reports for your funders and Board.

Our clients have experienced...

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reduction in staff resources for data collection, analysis, and reporting.


Kim Tortolani

Director of School Choice, Next One Up

jiiWA allowed us to go digital and to create a cloud of information that can be accessed internally, anywhere,

by all of our staff.


As a charitable organization providing free programming and receiving charitable dollars, it’s incredibly important for us to have recorded metrics and to be able to connect with our participants and measure our outputs.


Amber Morley

Director of Partnerships and Community Engagement,

The Remix Project

Working with jiiWA has been a great experience for our organization. A lot of the work that we do is remote — meaning our employees are often off on their own meeting with students, meeting with parents or working at schools — we need ways for us to be able to check-in and see what’s going on with our students even though the staff members might not all be in the same place at the same time.

Right, when we got involved with jiiWA was when our growth was happening. Thankfully, jiiWA has been willing to grow with us.

Our Valued Partners


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The Remix Project
(Toronto | Chicago)


Next One Up


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MaRS Start Program


SVZ @ Ryerson University


iBoost @ Ryerson University

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