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How A Fight w/ Youth Mental Health Led to jiiWA's Mission

Recently our CEO & Co-founder, Kristina Flynn spoke with Andrew Moss of Founders on Purpose. From her start with the Raptors, to her work with Toronto's The 519, and how it all led to jiiWA's mission to bring hope and access to the worlds marginalized communities by helping non-profits to work better.

The 35 minute chat covers topics like:

- The importance of effective internal and external facing data collection for non-profits to operate more efficiently and provide funders with relevant data to support their investment

- Working with world-class sports organization, Maple Leaf Sports & Entertainment, Ltd. and their MLSE Launchpad to measure the activities at their new facility;

- Her journey from corporate law to public relations, to working with the Toronto Raptors and helping players make impact in the community

- Her exposure to non-profits and marginalized communities through her role with The 519 - an LGBTQ charity in Toronto

- How experiences with mental health in her youth drove the desire to help youth and the non-profit organizations who serve them

- jiiWA's bottom-up approach to create customer-focused sales growth; and

- Exciting and bold opportunities to leverage collected data for better non-profit offerings that serve marginalized communities.

Have a listen and connect with us to learn more:

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